What is the cost to register with private equity hong kong?

Registration with private equity hong kong is free for investors.  For capital-seeking businesses, the registration is also free for the basic version.  Only when a potential investor wishes to make contact with you based on the description of your capital, can you decide to release your contact address for a small fee according to the Fee Schedule.
You only pay once!  This means that once your contact information is released all other investors will be able to contact you.

How long does it take until I receive payment?

private equity hong kong is not a bank, but a platform where businesses and investors can find each other.  Through the international focus, there’s a high chance that a business connection will come to pass.  How quickly an investor would like to set anything in stone cannot be predicted.

Is there a risk with private equity hong kong?

private equity hong kong is designed with the highest security and discretion.  It is up to the businesses and investors themselves to determine how concrete they want to be on the platform.  private equity hong kong does also offer the opportunity for individual business assistance, where potential investors are directly approached. 

We recommend continuing the dialogue between the business and investors through written communication.  You then have the opportunity to examine numbers and facts closely and also review the course of communication before you make a decision.  Don’t let yourself be impressed by flowery information over the phone. 

Generally, the team of private equity hong kong recommends that when contact is made, cash is neither asked for or transferred.  Money transfers should be performed through a credit institute. 
Especially for large sums of money, it is recommended that both parties do a due diligence test.

Discretion and pivacy with private equity hong kong?

Discretion and data protection are very important at private equity hong kong.  Consequently the entire system is built so that businesses and investors decide themselves how contact should be made and also which documents should be made available.  In addition, you will find a confidentiality statement in the system.

Fees with private equity hong kong?

private equity hong kong offers businesses different levels of service, which includes, a free basic packet and various packets subject to fees like Comfort, Premium, and Business.  private equity hong kong  is basically free of charge for investors. 

The specific service packages with the corresponding fees can be found in the Fee Schedule.  Please also note our contact guarantee!

You will find that private equity hong kong is very cost-effective and easily falls below the processing charges of your bank or other service providers.

Does private equity hong kong operate on a success basis?

High success premiums are common in the finance sector because the efforts to the end result are usually high, especially through high personal stakes. 

private equity hong kong was deliberately founded as a “do-it-yourself” platform where cost-conscious businesses register themselves and investors are able to contact these businesses directly.  It is not possible for private equity hong kong to follow these businesses to the end and complete any verification.  For these reasons, private equity hong kong cannot operate on a success basis.

What does private equity hong kong do?

private equity hong kong is a platform where capital-seeking businesses can meet with and find opportunities for business initiatives with investment-willing investors, money givers, and respectively, business angels.

private equity hong kong functions principally like a classified ad in a business newspaper in which a capital-seeking business posts an advertisement under code.  They place an ad that investors read and are able to respond to.  But only when the advertiser decides to accept does the address show and investors are then able to make contact directly.

What guarantees does private equity hong kong offer?

private equity hong kong is an online platform, where businesses and investors, money givers, business angels can meet and find opportunities for uncomplicated contacts.  Because we don’t know the product or idea of the businesses, we cannot predict probability or give a guarantee that the idea will appeal to investors.

In our “Business” package, we guarantee that all possibilities of making contact with investors are exhausted, so that one or more investors that are interested in making contact with you find you.  Should this not be the case, we will refund your fee in full after the expiration of the 90-day term within 10 business days.

Why is the company headquarters abroad?

private equity hong kong operates out of Malta which has been part of the EU since 2004 and has developed into a stronghold for financial businesses.  Malta commands a flourishing tourism and is the hub of many companies in the gambling industry, a branch in which billions is transacted, earned and internationally reinvested.  For this reason, other countries see private equity hong kong as being in a foreign country, but in the middle of a healthy, flourishing economy with high stocks in investment monies.  We are located, so to speak, at the source…

Because many business transactions solely transpire on the internet, the location of a business does not carry the same meaning as before.  Currently, taxes and judicial requirements for success or failure of a business dominate.  You want to get to know Malta?  Just come and visit us for one of our investor roundtables.

Why should I register myself as an investor with private equity hong kong?

The returns for investment-capital become more alike world-wide.  Unfortunately, on a relatively low level.   Currently in the smaller to mid-sized segment, only the usual investment opportunities, whose returns are usually below 10% per year.  With investments in companies, start ups and the like, the returns are often between 20 and 30%.  Asian markets will have returns closer to 30 to 50% in the beginning phases.

For this reason the investment in companies is economically more fascinating.  It is more personally satisfying because investors/business angels usually get to know the business well through the business relationship and usually follows how the invested capital accrues interest.  And the life of the business changes.  They see products thrive and visions become reality!

What advantages do I have as a business with private equity hong kong?

The motivations for businesses to register with private equity hong kong are various.  Often, businesses are practical or resourceful or have bright ideas, but with little experience in handling banks.  They may just not fit into the loan criteria of banks because the technical ‘know how’ and therefore the objective assessment criteria is lacking.  Through this many inventions, approaches or very good ideas just fizzle out.
Investors/business angels are often professionally in the first or second line of businesses and know the markets, and possibilities of success, accurately.

Some of the monies also come from branches, where so much money is earned, that normal investment criteria don’t apply and investments only happen in highly speculative forms.  Often, businesses invest in start-ups with returns starting at 100%, but also with the risk of a total loss.

Therefore, private equity hong kong offers businesses a range of investors with an enormous bandwidth on investment preferences, that would not be found with banks or other administrations without extensive time and money expenditures.

How likely is it to find an investor through private equity hong kong?

Generally, the investor search depends on various factors.  First, the idea, the project that needs financing, then naturally, the personal rapport of the businessperson, i.e., his market knowledge, training or the general living situation.  It is the disposition of the business angel to finance extraordinary ideas.  Should one like to stay in the classic capital-investment, the investor should look into investment banks or similar investment possibilities, not in private equity hong kong.  Therefore the chance for success relies heavily on the idea of the business, the presentation of the idea and the profitability. 

Should you have difficulties with our platform or have a particularly complicated financing problems, you may contact us directly.  We know many investors personally based on our daily work and may find a solution that would lead to your goal.

Aren’t such platforms just a rip-off?

This question is justified through the examination of one or the other platforms where, for example, prices are still listed in DM…or other inconsistencies are easily spotted.  Unfortunately, black sheep can be found everywhere!
So that you can be certain that you will not lose money with private equity hong kong, we have in our Business category a contact guarantee!  With this, we guarantee that you will have contact with one or more investors!  If not, we will refund your entire fee!

private equity hong kong is purely matching platform, whose database links together the interests of the capital-seeking businesses and investors.  This is purely a software driven procedure.  There is neither room or reason for irregularities. 

Rip-off sites on the internet can be recognized when they do not indicate their fee requirements, which are activated by logging in.  These fees are usually demanded with a lot of pressure.  Often no service in return is offered. 

private equity hong kong is a platform, that is regularly advertised internationally and therefore attracts businesses and investors equally.  This creates costs that a single capital-seeking business cannot support.  These costs need to be covered.  For these reasons, private equity hong kong cannot be a free platform.

How come, as an investor, I cannot find the contact information for every proposal?

There is a whole series of businesses – or those that would like to be – that would like to have contact to an investor and would also like financing, but do not want to spend money for this.  These businesses do not pay, or pay very late, for the release of their contact information.

Why don’t I receive a complete list of all investors?

Investors are often powerful people or tradesmen, that prefer to make decisions in peace and without distress.  With a complete address in the internet, they could be the object of harassment, insults to threats and also personal attacks.

With the private equity hong kong system, investors have the opportunity to access an interesting proposal, similar to an advertisement in a business paper, and can stay anonymous until a certain phase.

What is the quickest way to find an investor with private equity hong kong?

It is important to compose a very detailed description so that an investor can envision a clear picture.  For this purpose, we have developed guidelines with questions, whose detailed answers provide the investor with a good overview.  At the same time, you should also disclose your interest expectations and also repayment plan. 

Next, we recommend that you pay the connection fee, according to the Fee Schedule, to clear the masking of and release your contact information.  For this, the bank transfers and PayPal are at your disposal.  You can also pay with credit card through PayPal.  To make contact quickly, we recommend the Premium Package, in which the registered and possible investors immediately receive an email about your proposal.

Through this, interested investors are able to make contact with you in only a few minutes. 

The longer way is to register your proposal, but not to release your address.  Interested parties can then send you a message anonymously, through our platform, requesting more information.  Then you can decide whether you want to release your contact information by paying the connection fee.  This process presents the risk that although you can gather several interested parties, by the time the contact information is released, those investors have decided for other projects.


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